Ability to Notarize:

  • Estate Planning - Trusts, POAs, etc. (Wills if prepared by an attorney)
  • Wealth Management / Financial / Insurance Documents
  • Real Estate Documents / Residential / Commercial
  • Loans - Refinances, Purchases, HELOCs, Ship Mortgages
  • Construction - Waivers, Claims, Releases Upon Payment
  • Deeds - Quitclaim Deed, Grant Deed, Deed of Trust & others
  • Power of Attorney
  • Adoption - medical, employer verification, background, etc.
  • Divorce / Settlement Agreements / Pre-nuptial Agreements
  • Permission to Travel; Passport Applications for Minors
  • And many, many more, as needed.

Loan Signing Agent services:

  • Meet with borrowers at convenient time and location of their choice
  • Experience & knowledge to identify loan documents for Borrowers
  • Obtain all signatures, initials and completion of documents
  • Notarize documents as required (Acknowledgments and Jurats)
  • Ability to print e-docs (Laser Printer)
  • Pick-up and Delivery of Loan Documents in a timely manner

Notary Services

“Roadrunner Notary Service charges a fee based on travel distance and by appointment only. Our fees are reasonable and do not change with each customer. We travel to you, your business, your residence.

Roadrunner Notary Service is bound by the laws of the State of California, and cannot backdate documents or notarizations nor provide blank nortarizations. As a Notary Public / Notary Signing Agent, we are representative of either the borrower or lender and therefore cannot render any opinion on the terms of the loan or information in a document, nor can we suggest nor determine which notarial act is appropriate or required. Such determinations or suggestions are considered to be unauthorized practice of law.

FEES FOR LOAN DOCUMENT SIGNING SERVICES (call for a quote) *Services include notarization, obtaining all signatures required with proper identification and acquiring any additional information.


Please call for current fees